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The climate in North Vietnam

The entire country features a tropical climate. With autumn and spring being very similar to winter and summer, it’s quite normal to just split the year up into summer and winter. Winters in North Vietnam are relatively mild, whereas in areas at a higher altitude it can actually get very chilly. The winter months from […]

History of Vietnam country

The history of Vietnam can be traced back to the mid- to late 3rd century BCE. In the prehistoric civilization of Vietnam, the earlier inhabitants were known as one of the first people to practice agriculture. The Red River Valley was crucial to the growth of agriculture as its national geographic provided a source of […]

japan rail passes

Passes sold by the Japan Railways (JR) group are among the best deals in the worldwide travel industry. Despite that, they only provide savings if you take enough long-distance rides. For example, using the 7 Day JR Pass only make sense if you intent to take at least two long distance Shinkansen bullet train rides. […]

6 tips what to do in Japan

Take off your shoes when you are expected to (For more information, refer to Tip 6 below) Don’t talk on your cellphone when on public transportation. If you can’t avoid taking the call, whisper and terminate the call quickly. Never stick chopsticks vertically into food. Across the whole of East Asia, this represents an offering […]

Traffic and transport in India

Traffic and transport in India If there is anything that will give you culture shock, it will be the Indian traffic! This ties in with the volume of people in India – there are lots of people so there’s lots of traffic. And it is (to our western eyes) chaotic, dangerous and disorganized. In Delhi […]

India a country of difference

The mass of humanity in India can be overwhelming! – forget personal space in India! With a population of approximately 1.1 billion in India, you are never far from humanity. If you like your personal space, forget it because you will not be getting any here! You will have to get used to being shoved, […]

India the most beautiful country

Experiencing Culture Shock in India   What is culture shock? It is the impact of traveling from a familiar culture and trying to adjust to an unfamiliar one. India especially is renowned for causing Westerners culture shock and this page is going to show you what is most likely to befuddle and confuse you when […]