India a country of difference

The mass of humanity in India can be overwhelming! – forget personal space in India!

With a population of approximately 1.1 billion in India, you are never far from humanity. If you like your personal space, forget it because you will not be getting any here! You will have to get used to being shoved, pinched and in close proximity to people all day, with people shouting in your face to get in their rickshaw, buy their wares or give them money.

Indian people are extremely friendly and hospitable though and the only time I felt overwhelmed was when people were trying to sell me stuff or beg which can feel extremely harassing and aggressive. Be prepared to be strong and stand your ground!

Indian people are very polite and will ask you lots of questions about your life, you may even be required to have your photo taken with complete strangers! Indian people also are extremely clean and well dressed, and I was told that they don’t understand why rich western people come to India and dress like tramps – and nor do I actually, there is no need to look a mess. Seriously, if you keep yourself well maintained when you are traveling and make an effort to be neat and clean, you will find you are respected a lot more in your interactions with Indian people. Don’t wear tiny shorts/skirts and low cut tops, buy some Indian clothes that will not only keep you cool in the heat but will also help you blend in.

There’s a lot of people in India!

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