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Experiencing Culture Shock in India


What is culture shock? It is the impact of traveling from a familiar culture and trying to adjust to an unfamiliar one. India especially is renowned for causing Westerners culture shock and this page is going to show you what is most likely to befuddle and confuse you when traveling to this beautiful but crazy country! I visited India alone and as a solo woman traveler experiencing the sensory overload of India could be a little much at times. I hope that by writing this article about what could give you culture shock in India may help you plan a first trip there.

This article is not trying to put you off visiting India – but rather to show you what is most likely going to make you think “argh! this wasn’t in the guide books!”

The diversity of India – Your culture shock may be different to mine!

Take a look at the two photos below….he top one is Ladakh in the North and the below one is Kerala in the South – the same country but very different landscapes. This is a gigantic country and it isn’t just the landscapes that are so diverse – the people, cultures and languages are too. So depending on where you go and travel to throughout India, your experience of the culture change could be very different from place to place. I started off in Delhi and traveled in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh before heading to Ladakh. The contrast between each place was very different, Ladakh is like another country compared to Delhi!

My point is, if you travel through this vast country you will experience different levels of culture shock and you will love some places and hate others and that is ok! You do not have to love everywhere you visit!

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